Furnace Maintenance

With over 20 years experience and more than 15,000 furnaces properly maintain, You’re welcome to watch our work. We work on all Gas Furnace makes & models.

Furnace Maintenance can be done all year around but we strongly recommend having it check and clean in the cold weather season between septembers to the end of

Capital Flame service the entire Ottawa area including: Orleans, Gloucester, Barrhaven, Kanata, Cumberland, Nepean, Greely & Manotick.

Our Furnace Inspection covers over 30 points check

Gas Furnace Maintenance

Annual Maintenance checks list.

  • Check operation of thermostat and batteries
  • Check fan motor operation & amperage
  • Verify air filter
  • Verify Carbon monoxide
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger
  • Test all Safety components
  • Calibrate gas pressure
  • Lubricate all bearing motors
  • Clean burners and flame sensor
  • Verify Furnace Venting & proper supports
  • Inspect Combustion air system
  • Check Furnace vent termination
  • Check motors capacitors
  • Test the Temperature Rise
  • Inspect all wiring for damage
  • Inspect ignitor and ignition flame
  • Check clearance to combustible
  • Verify gas valve operation
  • Check proper burner flame
  • Inspect all drain hoses
  • Check the condensate pump operation
  • Clean the furnace exterior
  • Furnace Breaker and wall switch is identify
  • Inspect for water leaking & potential damage
  • Clean blower compartment & motors
  • Inspect and adjust pilot Flame
  • Clean condensate drain trap
  • Check exhaust motor & amperage
  • Inspect Gas line supports and bonding

Could cost extra if required to be cleaned. On approval by the customer

  • Inspect and clean secondary heat exchanger
  • Clean Blower housing and wheel

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Annual Maintenance checks list.

  • Verify evaporator coil drain hose
  • Verify air filter
  • Check for water leak & damage
  • Verify A/C cooling temperature
  • Verify refrigerant charge
  • Check fan motor & compressor amperage
  • Lubricate fan motor bearings
  • Inspect refrigerant line insulation
  • Verify condenser capacitors
  • Inspect condenser contactor & relays
  • Inspect wall electrical quick disconnect box
  • Inspect all wiring and wire terminals
  • Cycle the A/C and monitor proper operation
  • Clean condenser coil and overall exterior
  • Inspect outside wall and reseal A/C line
  • Make sure outdoor condenser is level

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